Songbook – Mitchel Forman Vol 1

A collection of songs spanning
Mitchel’s career to date.

Includes 26 songs and is 77 pages
worth of fun.

from the early “Train of Thought” to
the yet to be released Metro 07 CD.

Includes “Gorgeous”, “Milton”, “Wonderama”,
“Sleeping Beauties”, “Speedy” and many more.

Also a full transcription of
Mitchel’s solo on “Dolphin Dance” from his recent “Perspectives” CD

The book is available either as a pdf
download or you can order a bound physical copy.

The mp3’s to 25 of the songs are
available either separately or as part of a package.

(the book is in Adobe PDF format
and is password protected.

The password will be sent to you
after your download.  You will be

able to print the book)

Download only $13

Download Book w/ mp3’s  $19

Bound copies are also available for $25

Bound copies w/mp3 downloads $27

MP3’s download only (25 tracks)$6.50

Click here for complete song listings and table of contents.