Lift Thine Eyes

Niki’s new CD produced by Mitchel Forman and Niki Haris. Drawing upon Ms. Haris’ experience of the South during the last years, this collection of 11 tracks is sure to uplift and soothe your soul.  A powerful release from a truly unique voice.

CD Liner Notes

As I sit in the “American South” in 2018, I have watched as OUR Nation has moved “BACK” into a place I can only describe as “DESPAIR”, both economically and emotionally. However, “The Ancestors,  (to whom I speak Daily) , always found a way to survive and even thrive in times of Oppression, “Our” people have been HERE before… Through songs of Faith and Determination, they encouraged themselves and OTHERS to PERSEVERE through hard times….

Although this  was recorded in Los Angeles, the last 8 years of my life have had a “Southern” experience that has been woven into my “Journey” and I believe you will hear the influence of the “Appalachian harmonies” to the Memphis Soulful moans and how those who “read from the same BOOK but, just in different neighborhoods STILL  found a way to “lift their heads up” even when “SOMETHING” was trying  to “break their backs” and Spirits…..I pray this collection of songs will serve to UPLIFT and ENCOURAGE SOULS to Keep their “EYES LIFTED UNTO THE  HILLS FROM WHENCE COMETH THEIR HELP….

Psalm 121……..

I thank ALL those who contributed to this project….Especially, Mitch Forman, for seeing and KEEPING ME  in the “HIGH LIGHT” and HOLDING the “VISION” to make it come to fruition….. May ALL BE BLESSED….. Niki Haris

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